a16z Podcast: London Calling for Tech Done in a Different Way


    If the U.K. is to continue its economic march onward and upward, technology needs to play an increasing role, say Martha Lane Fox (that’s Baroness of Soho Lane-Fox in more public settings) and Russell Davies in this segment of the pod … another one of our on-the-road a16z podcasts from London.

    But it can’t just be the same apps and software solutions that are coming out of Silicon Valley, say these two European tech veterans (Lane Fox is a web entrepreneur and on the boards of multiple tech companies and open data initiatives, while Davies is a writer and digital strategist). The U.K. needs to do things differently to create and maintain an edge against all the tech powers around the globe.┬áLane Fox and Davies describe what a bright tech future could look like — a lot more women in the industry, for starters — and how it might differ from, and compete with, the best around the world.


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