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David Ulevitch is an entrepreneur and investor. As a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, he leads the firm’s American Dynamism practice, which focuses on investing in companies advancing American interests — including supporting builders in areas such as housing, education, logistics, national security, aerospace, and public safety. Additionally, David invests in enterprise and SaaS software. He sits on the boards of Alloy Automation, Anduril, AnyRoad, Charthop, Firstbase, Flock Safety, Orderful, Rewatch, Skydio, Superhuman, Supermove, Vitally, and WorkBoard.

David was previously the founder and CEO of OpenDNS, a cloud-delivered security service that was acquired by Cisco in 2015 for $635 million. While at Cisco, David was Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Security — a $2.4 billion annual revenue business with more than 5,000 team members — where he oversaw the company’s global cybersecurity strategy, product portfolio, and business. Prior to OpenDNS, David founded EveryDNS, an authoritative DNS service, and grew it into the world’s largest free DNS service. He sold it to Dyn (now Oracle) in 2010.

David holds a BA in Anthropology from Washington University in St. Louis (which turned out to be way more useful than he expected) and he currently serves on the university’s Board of Trustees. Additionally, David spent several years on the board of the Tony Hawk Foundation and is passionate about creating safe after-school activities (including skateboarding) for at-risk youth in the United States and abroad. He is an active supporter of the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center and is passionate about creating artist residency programs.

Outside of Soho (in New York City), David spends time in Big Sky, Montana — especially on epic powder days. 

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