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Katherine Boyle is a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz where she invests in companies that promote American dynamism, including national security, aerospace and defense, public safety, housing, education, and industrials.

She was previously a partner at General Catalyst. Prior to GC, she was a general assignment reporter at The Washington Post. Katherine holds a BA in Government from Georgetown University, an MBA from Stanford, and a Masters of Public Advocacy from the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Latest Content

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    AI is poised to become more consequential than the internet, but federal regulators, influenced by Big Tech, appear intent on squashing its potential.

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    This is a 12-month program for early-career engineers and researchers with expertise at the intersection of hardware and software.

  • Erin Price-Wright
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    We are pleased to welcome Erin Price-Wright as our newest American Dynamism partner.

  • From Silicon Valley to the Pentagon: The Future of Defense Innovation
    Katherine Boyle, Doug Beck, Brandon Tseng, and Brian Schimpf

    In this episode recorded at a16z’s American Dynamism Summit in January, a16z General Partner Katherine Boyle is joined by the Director of the DIU, Doug Beck, plus two critical founders ushering in this new era of defense: Brian Schimpf, cofounder and CEO of Anduril and Brandon Tseng, cofounder of Shield AI.

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