Trends in — and the Future of — Infrastructure

watch time: 23 minutes

“Infrastructure is dead”, some say, thanks to cloud computing — and a couple large incumbents sucking out all the profits in this space. Er… not really. We’re actually entering a renaissance of sorts — a “golden era of infrastructure” — and it’s one that is biased towards startups. They’re the ones who have the unfair advantage, argues a16z general partner (and former Nicira co-founder/CTO) Martin Casado in this talk.

One of the fathers of software-defined networking (SDN), Casado shares what happens when you put a “software-defined” in front of everything: No silo is safe. And it’s not just storage; it’s computing, networking, security, management, databases, analytics, development, and so on.

So how are enterprise applications evolving? Is it really similar to what happened with consumer tools? And what will it take for startups to truly take on incumbents in this space? In this talk, previously delivered at other industry events, Casado shares his thoughts on the future of infrastructure as well as views on how 3 important trends coming together: hardware to software; software to services; and finally, the rise of the developer…

The enterprise is changing

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