a16z Podcast: Of Presidents, Policies, and Tech

    How to think about tech policy and top-of-mind issues for the tech industry, given a new president? From what agencies matter for different tech domains — e.g., autonomous cars, drones, fintech, healthcare — to recent staffing moves, the a16z Policy and Regulatory Affairs team shares their views in this episode of the podcast.

    What happens to tech policy when you have a dominant Republican presence in both Congress and most states, yet a Democratic majority of mayors? Especially when cities (potentially laboratories of experimentation) may be where all the real tech action’s at? How does tech policy play out differently at the local, state, international, and even federal levels? Especially when many of the tech issues don’t fall along party lines … and the traditional way you look at issues is “left vs. right” — “but it’s almost like ‘forward/backward'” here. And finally, how should entrepreneurs think about engaging with policymakers, and vice versa?

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