16 Minutes on the News #26: Hospitals’ Historic Moment & the New Data Rules

    This episode of 16 Minutes on the News covers the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ “historic rules” to provide patients more control of their data. They’ve been a long time coming, and despite recent fights over them, the final rules are now finally here as of this week.

    So in this short but deep dive, a16z bio experts — general partner Julie Yoo and Venkat Mocherla in market development (in conversation with Sonal Chokshi) — go into:

    • 0:47 how the rules fit into our healthcare system, especially with everything else going on right now in hospitals and beyond;
    • 3:11-8:37 what the rules specifically are and why they matter;
    • 6:21 concrete examples including why things like notifications are important;
    • 8:42 implications for providers and payers, including examples such as prior authorization;
    • 11:10 where privacy concerns do and don’t come in, given how much information is contained in records;
    • 13:40 implications for startups, tech incumbents, and traditional players in healthcare, and new types of data down the road; and
    • 18:27 the bottomline.

    image: MedillNSZ / Flickr

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