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Jay Rughani is an investing partner at Andreessen Horowitz where he specializes in healthcare technology, with a focus on AI & data products. He is inspired by entrepreneurs using software to accelerate clinical research, enable better care delivery, and increase affordability for patients. Jay helped to lead a16z’s investments in and is partnered with numerous ambitious companies, including Biodock, Freenome, Inductive, Komodo, Orchestra, Pearl, Thatch, Thyme, Topography, Turquoise, and Valar.

Prior to joining a16z in 2018, Jay was an early team member at Flatiron Health (acquired by Roche for ~$2bn). There, he helped to build some of the company’s first healthcare data & analytics products. He later led numerous commercial partnerships with large biopharma companies, smaller biotechs, and other healthcare organizations. Before Flatiron, he consulted for large healthcare and technology companies around the world at Deloitte, worked at a seed-stage multi-sided network startup called Dealermatch (acquired by Cox Enterprises), and co-founded an unsuccessful startup with his college roommate.

Jay graduated from Emory University with a degree in Mathematics & Economics and grew up mostly in Palm Harbor, FL, apart from a 3 year stint in boarding school in London, UK (not Hogwarts, regrettably).

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