a16z Podcast: Security When the Workforce is Remote

    We are in the midst of a rapid and unprecedented shift to remote work. What does it mean for security when the airgap between work and life is gone? How prepared are organizations? And what should security professionals as well as individual workers be doing to protect themselves and their companies?

    In this podcast, a16z security expert Joel de la Garza breaks down the current risks and how to defend against them. But beyond just immediate security needs, he explains what bigger transformations may be happening, most notably a shift from the traditional hub-and-spoke, point to point, security architectures to a more distributed approach to workloads as well as trust.

    For more security tips, check out Joel’s 16 Steps to Securing Your Data.

    The real focus for these organizations is finding ways to keep employees who are at home, in their pajamas, still thinking like foot soldiers in the battle to protect their company and their data. Click To Tweet

    image: Johan Larsson / flickr

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