a16z Podcast: The Chief Security Officer In (and Out of) a Crisis

The Chief Security Officer (CSO/CISO) used to manage on-premise servers, now the information they have to secure has migrated to the cloud. As the responsibility of CSOs has expanded, the role has moved from technical IT to the boardroom. At our a16z Innovation Summit last year, we sat down with two security leaders whose career has evolved as the role has – Joe Sullivan, former CSO at Uber and Facebook, now at Cloudflare and Joel de la Garza, current security partner at a16z, formerly CISO at Box – to discuss: How do the best CSOs prepare for and respond to a crisis, from redteaming to comms? What responsibility should cloud & SaaS vendors, not to mention the government, have in security and data breaches? And how is the role going to evolve in the next five years?

You can't buy your way to good security. You literally can't write a blank check and have great security tomorrow. -Joe Sullivan, CSO, Cloudflare Click To Tweet

image: Unsplash | Alexey Soucho