Like many people, over the course of my career I’ve struggled to find the right balance between work and the rest of my life, and, despite my best intentions, too often my family has gotten shortchanged. I’ve now reached a point where I’ve decided to shift the equation. I’m not leaving the firm; instead, I’ll focus the majority of my work hours on my existing board seats. The rest of my time will belong to my family.

In many ways, this was an easy decision. I have three kids who are gearing up for college, and in less than five years, they will all be out of the house. The time with them is very precious, and it doesn’t escape me how lucky I am to be able to choose to be with them while I can.

I’m grateful that my partners have embraced my desire to refocus my priorities right now. I’m excited that I work with a group of such generous team players whom I deeply respect.

Andreessen Horowitz started as an audacious blueprint for a new type of venture capital firm. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved so far and am excited to continue building the vision that Marc and Ben, as former founders, had to create the firm “that we would want to raise money from”.

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