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16 Minutes on the News #20: CES 2020 – Screens, 8K, 5G, Cars, Micromobility, Smart Home

Steven Sinofsky and Sonal Chokshi

Posted January 17, 2020

This episode of our news show teases apart what was just a concept, what’s near from the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020). Board partner Steven Sinofsky (in conversation with Sonal Chokshi) takes us on a quick tour of the based on his annual field trip report from the floor. Topics covered include:

  • folding screens and 8K displays
  • 5G, wi-fi 6, new millimeter wave 5G
  • transportation: cars, voice, micromobility
  • smart home automation and security
  • batteries and USB-C

Articles/ headlines in this episode: