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Bridging AI, Ethics, and Consumer Trust with Miriam Vogel

Vijay Pande, Miriam Vogel, Kris Tatiossian, and Olivia Webb

Posted November 21, 2023

Miriam Vogel, President and CEO of EqualAI, cohost of the podcast In AI We Trust?, and Chair of the National AI Advisory Committee, joins Vijay Pande of Bio + Health.

Miriam offers pragmatic insights for founders on ethical integration of AI. She also outlines concrete steps to build trustworthy AI. Finally, she discusses the regulatory landscape and the state of politics around AI today.

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Between the growing ability to engineer biology for therapeutics, and the integration of tech into how patients receive care, bio and health are fundamentally changing the world. Join the team at a16z and host Olivia Webb as they discuss these transformations with scientists, builders, and leaders.

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