Raising Health

Clinical Copilots: Augmenting Human Care with Suchi Saria

Vijay Pande, Suchi Saria, Kris Tatiossian, and Olivia Webb

Posted November 14, 2023

Note: This episode was recorded as part of the Bio Eats World podcast, now known as Raising Health.

AI trailblazer Suchi Saria, PhD, in conversation with Vijay Pande, sheds light on the winding path that led her to launch Bayesian Health, a bold effort to infuse intelligence into clinical workflows.

With infectious optimism, Suchi describes her vision to create “clinical copilots” that augment human capabilities and unburden care teams. At the same time, she acknowledges the delicate balancing act required to implement AI ethically, emphasizing the need for continuous monitoring and oversight to build trust. For founders navigating uncertain regulatory seas, Suchi offers a lifeline, suggesting that regulation done right may actually accelerate adoption by fostering confidence. Through candid reflections on lessons from the trenches, Suchi provides a rare glimpse into the mind of an innovator who has one foot planted in research rigor and the other striding towards real-world impact. Steeped in over 20 years of experience, her insights map guideposts for founders aspiring to positively disrupt healthcare with AI.

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