Raising Health

Drag & Drop Genome Editing

Jorge Conde, John Finn, Rahul Kakkar, Kris Tatiossian, and Olivia Webb

Posted January 16, 2024

Today’s episode features the CEO of Tome Biosciences, Rahul Kakkar, alongside John Finn, CSO of Tome. They are joined by Jorge Conde, general partner at a16z Bio + Health.

Together, the three of them discuss the technology underlying Tome’s work, known as PASTE, a genome editing technique. They also dive deep into how this technology could be applied to help patients, making cell therapy more accessible for more people.

Editorial note: We mistakenly identified Rahul Kakkar and John Finn as the co-founders of Tome Biosciences. In reality, Rahul serves as the CEO, and John is the CSO of Tome. The actual co-founders of Tome Biosciences are Jonathan Gootenberg and Omar Abudayyeh.

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