Raising Health

Past, Present, and Future of AI with Vijay Pande

Daphne Koller, Andrew Ng, Vijay Pande, Aviv Regev, Kris Tatiossian, Jakob Uszkoreit, and Olivia Webb

Posted January 9, 2024

Bio Eats World is now Raising Health!

Vijay Pande, founding partner of Bio + Health, is joined by Daphne Koller, Andrew Ng, Aviv Regev, and Jakob Uszkoreit.

Vijay leads us on a reflective journey through the monumental achievements in AI from the 1980s to today, with a focus on the progress in healthcare and life sciences. This episode is drawn from the episodes we recorded in 2023 with Daphne Koller, Andrew Ng, Aviv Regev, and Jakob Uszkoreit, which are linked below.

This blend of expert commentary and firsthand insights explores the burgeoning impact of AI on healthcare innovation and how it’s reshaping the future of health.

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Biology and the state of healthcare are undergoing radical shifts.
Raising Health delves into dialogues with scientists, technologists, founders, builders, leaders, and visionaries as they explore how AI, engineering, and technology elevate health to new heights and create a system of enduring health for all.

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