a16z Podcast: The Internet Is His Religion


    How do you face down cancer? Get told you can’t get life-saving organ transplants, and go about getting them anyway? And in the middle of that mental and physical storm, how do you find the thing that you and only you were meant to do — and start building it? One person with answers is Jim Gilliam, the founder and CEO of NationBuilder, because that is what he had to do … all of it. It’s given Gilliam a clear philosophy on life, and on being a leader. And what he’s learned along the way, he says, is something everyone can tap into.

    Gilliam first told his story in a break-the-internet video, “The Internet is My Religion“, and he’s gone deeper with his recently published book of the same title. a16z’s Ben Horowitz sat down with Gilliam at a book launch event we hosted to hear more about his philosophy on life, religion, leadership — and what we all can do to move this world forward.

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