a16z Podcast: The Tiger and the Dragon — On Tech and Startups in India and China


    India and China. The two most populous countries on the planet are also two of the most tantalizing markets for companies of all size, from startups to conglomerates. But those markets are also intensely, densely competitive: There’s a lot of capital, a lot of players, and a whole lot of people.

    So do local players really have the home-court advantage here? Can they compete with the global players who have unparalleled execution ability and scale? And how does timing and structuring of companies entering those markets matter?

    Andreessen Horowitz partners Connie Chan and Anu Hariharan discuss these topics and more — everything from logistics and infrastructure to design and talent — on this episode of the a16z Podcast. As well as how domains like e-commerce, payments, and ride-sharing are playing out against the incredibly layered sociocultural backdrop of these two countries.

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