a16z Podcast: The Fundamentals of Security and the Story of Tanium’s Growth

    The thing about enterprise security, from the outside at least, is it reads like a Hollywood thriller. Nation states are after your company’s most valuable assets and they must be stopped at all costs. And yes, some nation state-sponsored hacks have caused tremendous damage. But the best course for most companies isn’t to focus on combatting Mission Impossible-like come through the vent break-ins, says Tanium co-founder Orion Hindawi. It’s the far less sexy practice of simply keeping the virtual windows and doors to your company locked. “It is the thing that will fix you,” Hindawi says.

    In a conversation from the firm’s Capital Summit event, Ben Horowitz and Orion discuss the state of enterprise security, and how Tanium’s block and tackle — not cloak and dagger — approach has defined the company’s technology and also led to its tremendous growth.

    The enterprise is changing

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