a16z Podcast: Cars and Cities, the Autonomy Edition

Thanks to freeways, cities became something to get through instead of something to get to. Now, as the next transportation revolution — from rivers to trains to cars to autonomous cars — promises to change the face of our cities, what happens to car culture, infrastructure, and more?

Who owns what, who pays? And what about the design — and product management — challenges, whether it’s designing for user trust, city adoption, or an ever-moving target thanks to constantly evolving tech?

This episode of the podcast (in conversation with Sonal) covers all this and more, featuring: a16z’s Frank Chen, who recently shared 16 questions about autonomous cars; Taggart Matthiesen, director of product at Lyft who covers the core platform as well as development/strategy for autonomous vehicles; and Carl Pope, former executive director and chairman of the Sierra Club — and author (with former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg) of the upcoming book Climate of Hope: How Cities Businesses and Citizens Can Save the Planet. Will curb space be the new shelf space? When we value the “iPhone-ness” over the “carness” of cars, what changes? And… will we all drive less, walk more?