Online to Offline 2.0 — Experiments and Examples from China

watch time: 12 minutes

What happens when “O2O” commerce feeds back information not just online to offline, but offline back to online? In other words, digital doesn’t just affect physical; it now goes in the other direction, too. And the completion of this virtuous loop isn’t just the holy grail of advertising and marketing for retailers and others, but is a new phenomenon, argues a16z partner Connie Chan, that she fittingly dubs online to offline “2.0”.

In this short talk — originally delivered at Wall Street Journal’s D.Live Asia conference¬†April 2018 — Chan shares examples and experiments from China, as well as product insights and mindset shifts, behind what it means to go from “mobile first” to mobile only — where one’s phone isn’t just an access point, but an entry point… And where even physical spaces, not just sites, could be personalized to us.

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