a16z Podcast: The End (and Beginning) of Programming

    There are over 20 million programmers out there — and double that, if you count everyone else coding in other ways — but where are the next 100 million developers? How do we get to a billion developers? The answer, observes a16z general partner Peter Levine in conversation with GitHub co-founder and former CEO Chris Wanstrath (based on a Q&A recorded at our last a16z Summit event) lies in changing the very definition of a “programmer” and “programming”.

    It might even mean the end of code, argues Levine (who apparently loves arguing the end of things!), and the beginning of a future where data isn’t just “the new oil”, but one where we all become our own “oil wells”. With everyone is manipulating data — the new programming, in a sense — expertise can be scaled (especially with new tools) so everyone gets the answers and solutions they need. So what does this mean for open source developers? CIOs and organizations that have lots of different data streams, as well as domain experts? This episode of the a16z Podcast covers all this and more, including touching briefly on what’s ahead…

    The enterprise is changing

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