Extending Human Lifespan

watch time: 11 minutes

Aging has always been inevitable — and mysterious in when and how it happens.

But now, we’re finally beginning to understand the processes behind the deterioration of tissues, cells, functions — collectively described as “aging” — that is also the greatest single cause of countless chronic diseases. If we can understand aging, we can perhaps begin to slow it.

So in this short talk first delivered at a16z’s annual Summit, BIOAGE CEO Kristen Fortney (and PhD in medical biophysics as well as former fellow of the Ellison Medical Foundation / American Federation for Aging Research)¬†explores the most promising research and therapies being developed in the space right now — no longer the stuff of science fiction, but of scientific frontier. How will this work change the way we fight all the major age-related diseases (like Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, and others)… and how will it change how long we ultimately live?

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