a16z Podcast: Collectively Driving Change

    Laurene Powell Jobs is, among many other things, founder and President of the Emerson Collective — the social impact firm she founded to drive change and reform through philanthropy, investing, and policy solutions. So in this episode of the a16z Podcast, Ben Horowitz interviews Powell Jobs on everything from what made her who she was, growing up in the working class rural hills of New Jersey, to how the Emerson Collective does what it does (and why it’s a collective, for that matter). What motivates the investments the Emerson Collective makes–and what do they all share in common, across such a broad range of areas, from education to immigration to media?

    This conversation originally took place at our annual innovation a16z Summit in November 2018–which features a16z speakers and invited experts from various organizations discussing innovation at companies small and large. You can also see other podcasts and videos from this event here.

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