a16z Podcast: When Bad Policy = Bad Business Models = Bad Public Health

    In some ways, the coronavirus feels like it came out of nowhere—a kind of Black Swan event. But at the same time, it’s been exposing a lot of the fundamental flaws in our healthcare system that now feel like a perfect storm coming together… and have hurt our ability to address the problem that we should really have seen coming.

    In this episode, a16z General Partners Jorge Conde and Julie Yoo talk with Hanne Tidnam about some of those big forces and dynamics in the healthcare system, at the intersection of business, policy, and public health: how in healthcare like perhaps nowhere else, broken policy can lead to broken business models that, in the wrong circumstances, can then lead major failures in public health like the one we’re seeing today; where we’ve seen this before, in the markets of vaccines, antibiotics, and diagnostics; and what should be different next time, so that when a new pandemic hits we aren’t facing another perfect storm.

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