I am excited to announce that Andreessen Horowitz just raised a fresh $9B to invest via our Venture, Growth, and Bio Funds. We are grateful to our Limited Partners who have believed in us and stuck with us over the past 12 years and hope to earn their trust once again. We thank our many wonderful entrepreneurs who made this set of funds possible. 

One might ask: “Why invest $9B in a brand new set of technology companies?” Our answer begins with one of the firm’s core cultural values: We believe in the future and we bet the firm that way.

At Andreessen Horowitz, we specifically believe in the technology-enabled future. There are no more worthwhile endeavors than our most brilliant minds taking great risks to improve the world by doing something larger than themselves. As my partner Marc describes in Technology Saves the World, without great advances in technology, life on Earth certainly will not get better and may well get worse. 

Beyond that, we see entrepreneurs every day with potential solutions ranging from a fairer creative economy to better education for low income students to cures for cancer. We never know which of these will work and that’s why we value the people who bet their careers and their lives on solving these problems. 

It is our role and mission to help these entrepreneurs build the best companies they can and achieve their important goals. With these new funds, including a $1.5B Bio fund, $5B Growth fund, and $2.5B Venture fund, coupled with the $2.2B Crypto Fund and $400M Seed Fund we raised in 2021, we will continue to invest across the entire spectrum of stages, writing checks as small as $25,000 and up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

We look forward to being part of a very bright future with you.

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