Posted July 26, 2022

We’re excited to announce that a16z is leading the Series A for Nash, an API-based platform for last-mile delivery. 

The Nash marketplace gives businesses the “superpower” of being able to offer delivery, without having to build their own fleet or manage logistics. Nash customers get access to a network of hundreds of local and national providers and immediately receive quotes for delivery requests based on price, availability, and vehicle type. Businesses can use Nash to activate same-day (or even same-hour) delivery for their customers. 

We first partnered with Nash for their seed round in the fall of 2021, shortly after co-founders Mahmoud Ghulman and Aziz Alghunaim launched the company and graduated from YCombinator. At that time, Nash was primarily serving local businesses — many of whom had been hit hard by the pandemic and wanted to compete with Amazon and other mega-retailers  by also offering delivery. 

Since then, Nash has seen what we feel is extraordinary growth in their customer base and revenue. The platform is still a key partner to many SMBs, but it has also become a critical part of the logistics infrastructure for many larger enterprise and consumer companies — even marketplaces. Businesses use Nash to deliver everything from hot meals to auto parts to dry cleaning. 

The Nash platform is built for flexibility. As a business, you can use Nash to run on-demand, scheduled, or even multi-drop off routes. If you already have a fleet in some or all of your markets, you can add these drivers to Nash. The platform will optimize between internal and third-party drivers, saving valuable ops team time. 

Another core Nash value prop is reliability. If you’ve ever waited on a late or missing delivery, you know this is an incredibly frustrating customer experience. The Nash platform tracks and notifies businesses of any delays, and if there’s a delivery interruption, Nash will automatically reroute the job to another provider who can get it done. 

Co-founders Mahmoud and Aziz have been working on projects together for a decade. They first met on the high school science fair circuit, and both studied at MIT. Mahmoud previously founded an on-demand gig-worker startup, while Aziz founded a (YC-backed) nonprofit to connect refugees with translators. They both have a passion for helping other business owners “level up” the services they can provide to consumers. 

The Nash network is live in all 50 states and Canada, and covers more than 94% of the U.S. population. With this round, the company will scale to support more enterprise and SMB customers, as well as continue to grow the Nash provider network to offer even more delivery options. 

Welcome Mahmoud, Aziz, and the Nash team to the a16z family!