It’s Time to Build For America: Announcing Our $500M+ Commitment to Companies Building in American Dynamism

Katherine Boyle and David Ulevitch

We formalized our American Dynamism practice a little more than a year ago to galvanize support for solving our country’s most vexing challenges with an entrepreneurial and technology-first approach. We’ve been blown away at how this movement has captured the minds of entrepreneurs, policymakers, and investors across the country and throughout the world.

So first, thank you. While we’ve long invested in companies solving hard problems, we want to make clear—now more than ever—that Dynamism is more than a movement for us: we’ve already put hundreds of millions of dollars to work in supporting the builders making it happen. Whether that’s through companies reshoring U.S. manufacturing, building new ways to enable homeownership, improving the country’s public safety and global defense, or delivering reliable and cleaner energy, we’re seeing a growing class of entrepreneurs working toward solving the hardest problems. And these entrepreneurs are not just in Silicon Valley—they’re all over the country, in Georgia, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

Over the past decade, SpaceX has reimagined the capabilities of our space industry and taken massive leaps in innovation and progress; Anduril has used pioneering technologies to secure our homeland and protect our men and women in uniform both at home and abroad; and Propel has simplified how millions of Americans who rely on government assistance access their benefits. These companies and others make it clear: America’s continued real-world leadership leans on the entrepreneurial spirit of American Dynamism builders.

With this in mind, today we’re proud to share that we’re dedicating $500 million toward the early stage companies building for American Dynamism. We’re eager to make bold bets on bold entrepreneurs at all stages of the building process. And as these companies grow and make their dent in the world, we’ll continue to invest in and support their journey through our $5 billion growth fund.

American Dynamism is not a “sector.” It doesn’t fit neatly into one vertical or portfolio. It is a philosophy that encompasses nearly every aspect of American life and leadership. More than that, American Dynamism is the feeling of growth, movement, momentum, and opportunity that makes America the country people want to be from, to immigrate to, and to build a life, career, or company in. As such, our commitment is not relegated to one fund or practice within the firm. We support and are in search of companies doing anything that we believe will help our country and our people move forward.

Let’s build 🚀

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