Artificial intelligence is transforming every aspect of technology, from how we code to how we sell to how we build companies. But perhaps more than any other sector, artificial intelligence is transforming the physical world in ways that were recently unimaginable. From supply chains and robotics to advanced factories and industrial autonomy, LLMs and other AI models are powering the next wave of transformation in the physical domain in ways we’re only just beginning to comprehend. At a16z, it’s clear to us that future progress won’t be constrained by technical limits of the previous generation.

This pace of change requires a prepared (and, dare we say, extraordinary) intellect who can navigate the technical and the market changes just over the horizon. It requires a polymath who, say, studied applied math “for fun,” but who also ran product and led recruiting at a place like Palantir because “her empathy matches her technical acumen.” So we are pleased to welcome Erin Price-Wright as our newest American Dynamism partner. She lives at the intersection of art and science, and, to quote our partner Martin Casado, is weird and “so freaking smart” – traits that are increasingly rare and more valuable as every industry accelerates. 

Speak to any one of her founders about her intellectual breadth and curiosity, and it becomes clear that Erin is the kind of partner who can navigate technical nuance and complex markets. Whether it’s work on law enforcement drones or her knowledge of vector databases, her strategic thinking is welcomed by the most technical of founders. But what’s more is how she is equally appreciated for her empathy, her humanness, her responsiveness, and her ability to support founders through the unknown.

In the two years since we launched American Dynamism at a16z, it has become clear to us that our work is about more than investing. That the people most drawn to these categories of innovation for the national interest are here for deep reasons, and those reasons run deeper than the market opportunity. Erin grew up on a reservation in Arizona, studied math and computer science not only for the challenge, but for the important purpose of giving herself the tools to make an impact. She joined Palantir for its mission. In investing, the common theme for her has been AI and infrastructure. But, to use her words, “American Dynamism is where the rubber meets the road for how this explosion in technology impacts our society in a positive way, and keeps us moving forward.” 

We couldn’t agree more. And we are thrilled to welcome Erin Price-Wright to the American Dynamism team as our newest partner.

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