Last year when we announced Katherine joining the team, we used the term “American Dynamism” but left it largely undefined. Today, she has published our thesis: “Building American Dynamism”. It explains why we believe there’s never been a better time to build companies that support the national interest and solve critical problems for the country.

The American Dynamism practice invests in founders and companies that support the national interest, including but not limited to aerospace, defense, education, housing, transportation, public safety, supply chain, industrials, and manufacturing. We believe these areas represent tremendous venture-scale opportunities. More importantly, these categories serve as a critical foundation to making America the country people want to be from, immigrate to, and build a life and career or company in.

There is much to build and we want to help you build it. We’re committed to working with and investing in the best founders who want to make American dynamism real. 

We’re staffing up a team to invest in and support these companies and we’re making a long-term commitment to this thesis. We already have a growing portfolio of companies building technologies and solutions that support American dynamism—companies like Anduril, Flock Safety, Samsara, Shield AI, Skydio, and more—that you can read about here. If you’re a builder, we want to hear from you. You can reach us at dynamism at a16z dot com.

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