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The New Paths to Market in Digital Health

We are seeing a revolution in how digital health companies distribute their product. Some are finding bottom up traction with end consumers as a path to enterprise buyer. Others are pioneering risk-based contracting, developing two-sided marketplaces, or taking advantage of new aggregator partnerships. a16z general partner Julie Yoo explains why the go-to-market (GTM) for digital health startups is shifting and the five new GTM motions that she sees emerging.

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B2C2B in Digital Health, a founder's playbook

A wave of digital health companies have entered the market by first going direct to consumers, clinicians, care providers, and even life science researchers (B2C). Once they have enough traction with a cohort of users, they start selling to the enterprise. We interviewed some of the most successful B2C2B digital health founders and leaders to put together a playbook for going bottom up.

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