We are very excited to announce the closing of Andreessen Horowitz Fund V, a $1.5 billion venture capital fund through which we’ll continue to invest in seed, early-stage, and mid-stage-growth tech companies.

Since our founding nearly seven years ago, we’ve been investing under the broad thesis of “software is eating the world”. Fund V will continue that theme. Simply put, software is disrupting a broad cross-section of traditional industries — for example, Airbnb in hospitality, Comma.ai in cars, Everlaw in legal, Honor in senior home care, Instacart in grocery, Lyft in ride-sharing, OpenGov in government data, Soylent in food; Branch, Coinbase, and Transferwise in financial services … and so on.

That trend is continuing. We are now also seeing more non-traditional “tech” companies acquire, build, hire, or otherwise embrace technology. The market opportunity for successful new technology businesses is bigger than ever. New startups are being created every day, driven by the significant expansion in market size as well as fundamental enabling innovations: Besides cloud, mobile, and full-stack approaches, there are more breakthroughs than ever before in machine learning/deep learning/AI; distributed systems; security; networking; and more.

We are amazed every day by the entrepreneurs we have the privilege to work with — by their depth of thinking around new products, services, and business models — and by their desire to build self-sustaining, important companies. So we’re excited to continue backing such incredible entrepreneurs. It’s the very same mission we had when we started a new VC firm back in 2009. Only now, with a team 125-people strong — and the continued trust and financial backing of our limited partners — we look forward to seeing what the future holds.

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