Jennifer Li is being promoted to GP where she will continue to invest broadly within the enterprise space, focusing on infrastructure and horizontal SaaS. Jennifer joined us 6 years ago as an investment partner, transitioning from a long-time operating role running product teams, and building developer tools, and ML applications. In that time she has gone from just learning about venture, to being one of the most impactful investors in the firm. She is a true student of tech, investing and every market she focuses on, and has a deep product sense that not only guides her investments, but has proven invaluable to the companies she works with. 

It’s hard to overstate Jennifer’s contributions to the team. She’s excelled at every aspect of the investment process from sourcing, to best-in-class diligence. And beyond that, she’s contributed tremendously to the portfolio both as a board member and an advisor to founders. She’s been a key partner on a number of investments including Fivetran, dbt, Rasa, Mux, Motherduck, ElevenLabs, Ideogram, and many more. Her interests span from core infrastructure to data to productivity tools. And she’s well known within the firm both for her deep market understanding and impeccable work. Beyond all of that, she’s a true team player and is universally regarded as a low-ego, incredibly reliable and generous partner to work with. No detail escapes her notice, and no challenge is too daunting for her to tackle. As Ben Horowitz has said many times, “She embodies the a16z culture.”  

Being a great investor and team member is a requirement for being promoted to GP. And for that, Jennifer sets the bar. But for me, there is a lot more to acknowledge her for. Over the last 6 years, Jennifer and I have worked side by side to build the team, the culture, the investment philosophy and the operating model for a16z infrastructure investing. There isn’t an aspect of our group she hasn’t had a hand in shaping. She’s been a true partner and I’m incredibly grateful we’re able to continue the journey together on this next chapter.  

It’s quite fitting she’s being promoted alongside the raising of our first infrastructure fund. Because she, as much as anyone, has contributed to its foundation. So please help me in congratulating her on this much more than well deserved promotion. You can find her on X here and on LinkedIn here.

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