a16z Podcast

Moving to Remote Development (and Work)

Jason Warner and David Ulevitch

Posted April 15, 2020

From agile project management to asynchronous collaboration, development teams have pioneered many of the tools and best practices for remote work. However, new shelter-in-place orders have more organizations moving to remote development — and remote work — often quickly and without a lot of time to plan.

Will remote work be our new reality, even after the current pandemic? And if so, what are the current technologIes and practices that support organizational communication and alignment for distributed teams, development and otherwise? In this hallway-style podcast, Jason Warner, the CTO of GitHub, and a16z General Partner David Ulevitch cover how working from home is evolving our software as well as how we use it — from communication tools and best practices to interviewing and hiring when you can’t see someone face to face.

image: Unsplash | Neringa Šidlauskaitė