a16z Podcast

a16z Podcast: Tackling Senior Care with Help from Technology

Sandy Jen and Seth Sternberg

Posted April 10, 2015


It is something we all face — the prospect of taking care of a parent (or two) when they can’t quite take care of themselves. For Seth Sternberg, part of the founding team of messaging service Meebo (bought by Google) a trip in the car with his mother reinforced the inevitability of her aging. Today it was her driving, but soon how would she manage everything else?

For Sternberg, the answer to that question lay in part with technology. How could technology be brought to bear so that his mother — and other seniors — might stay in their homes longer and live not just physically satisfying lives, but lives that addressed their emotional well-being as well? The founding Meebo team got back together to build that technology, the backbone of their new company Honor. In this segment of the pod Sternberg and co-founder Sandy Jen discuss how technology needs to disappear into a human experience — becoming something that isn’t about the shiny and new, and more about human interaction. Also, after such a successful run at Meebo why torture themselves with building some new? The answer is exactly what you would hope.