a16z Podcast

a16z Podcast: The Present State and Future Possibility of Virtual Reality

Beau Cronin, Saku Panditharatne, and Kyle Russell

Posted December 17, 2015

Our virtual reality-enabled future is arriving, but it’s hard to know — as it is with every new technology platform — how quickly we’ll all make the transition to VR and what it will ultimately look like. For example, beyond gaming and entertainment what applications does it seem like VR is best suited for, and will we all be wearing full VR-enabled body suits some day? When will the Matrix become real?

a16z’s virtual reality-obsessed Kyle Russell and Sakunthala Pandit are joined by perceptual and computational neuroscience expert Beau Cronin, to offer their informed opinions on the present state and future of VR. They give the rationale for travel, shopping, and education getting the VR treatment, and why software developers would kill for a VR-enabled dev environment. So strap your “face toy” on and dive into virtual reality.