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Carbon Solutions Now and Next: From Biomass to Mineralization

Stephanie Smith, Peter Reinhardt, Laura Lammers, and Karan Khimji

Posted December 13, 2022

In this episode, we tackle three carbon removal projects of varying scale, business models, and technical challenges.

-Biomass pyrolysis via Charm Industrial

-An electrochemical process via Travertine

-Mineralization via 44.01

We cover these companies through the lens of their founders – Peter Reinhardt (CEO of Charm Industrial), Laura Lammers (CEO of Travertine), and Karan Khimji (COO of 44.01) – who share the fascinating stories of how they stumbled into this industry, how their processes work, whether they can economically scale, and ultimately why each of them is dedicating their time and energy to this field.

This episode also closes out our carbon removal mini series, where we’ve seen a unique convergence of attention, capital, policy, and creativity being applied. With that combination, it’s rare that humans don’t surprise one another in progress.

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