a16z Podcast

Pay Without Borders with Deel, GitLab, and Safetywing

Steph Smith, Darren Murph, Sondre Rasch, and Alex Bouaziz

Posted December 20, 2022

It’s been a century since the 40-hour work week was adopted, and decades since wifi has appeared on the scene. Despite countless new technologies fundamentally changing how we can work, many work practices have remained the same.

COVID sent a shock into that system and many are left debating what the future of work holds. So in this episode, we speak with Alex Bouaziz, Darren Murph, and Sondre Rasch about the many ways companies are now being forced to adapt.

Will companies shift toward more asynchronous work? How will a distributed model shift the way we hire? How will companies attract top talent, and is remote the only benefit that matters? What workers and companies will come out on top of this sea change?

And of course… is the office dead? We’ll address these questions and more.

Show Notes

00:00 – History of remote work

3:27 – Is the office dead?

7:05 – Async vs sync

16:18 – Building culture remotely

27:15 – Attracting top talent

31:16 – The evolution of benefits

36:04 – Remote work vs work

39:29 – Location-based pay

46:36 – Open salaries

51:23 – Vetting top talent

55:32 – The need to adapt

58:39 – Rewriting the rules

1:03:09 – Infrastructure gaps