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The Electrification of Everything: From Sky to Sea

Gregory Davis, Mitch Lee, and Duncan McIntyre

Posted June 9, 2023

Demand for electric cars is booming. More than 10 million electric cars were sold worldwide in 2022, and consumer behavior is changing as more people embrace alternative and sustainable modes of mobility.

While the electrification movement is a critical element of climate action, it also presents new challenges – from the sky to the sea.

In this episode, industry experts Gregory Davis, CEO of Eviation Planes, Mitch Lee, co-founder and CEO of Arc Boats, and Duncan McIntyre, founder and CEO of Highland Electric Fleets, dive into how the electrification movement is shaping the future of transport and technology.

Show Notes

00:00 – Introduction

03:29 – The sustainable aviation industry

04:47 – Electric school, municipal and government vehicles

07:57 – Electric boats

10:49 – What can be transferred from the EV car market?

14:06 – Battery challenges and architecture

19:06 – Providing grid services

22:55 – Building a multimodal business

33:19 – Gaps in the market

46:16 – Do you make, buy, or borrow?

57:26 – What does the future look like for each industry?

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