a16z Podcast

The Rise of the Exponential Organization

Peter Diamandis, Salim Ismail, and Steph Smith

Posted May 25, 2023

Many companies today are grappling with a few things: an economic downturn, potential layoffs and restructuring, and trying to keep up with the latest tech trends… all while still maintaining a growth trajectory.

In this episode, you’ll learn which companies are uniquely designed to weather this storm and what attributes these exponential organizations have. We’re joined by the co-authors of Exponential Organzations, Peter Diamandis and Salim Ismail, both also well-known for their involvement in XPrize and Singularity University, among many other companies.

Show Notes

00:00 – Introduction

03:11 – What is an ‘Exponential Organization’?

04:46 – What has changed in business since 2014

07:06 – Building companies with minimal cost supply ***

11:49 – Can  incumbents become exponential organizations?

16:27 – Massive Transformative Purpose (MTPs)

19:04 – How can you tell if you have a good MTP

22:34 – Unilever’s MTP

23:27 – Staff on demand

29:35 – Building interfaces and dashboards

30:36 – The importance of experimenting

34:19 – The economic downturn and restructuring

38:00 – Peer-to-peer collaborative technologies

42:30 – Digitizing your business

43:53 – Kodak example

45:37 – Automation and the humans role

52:06 – How have you seen companies integrate AI?

56:56 – Emerging roles due to exponential trends

59:56 – The framework and diagnostic survey

01:00:02 – Creating APIs you can build on

01:05:00 – Opportunities in the market