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The Robot Lawyer Resistance

Stephanie Smith and Joshua Browder

Posted March 1, 2023

What happens when you don’t have the resources to fight for your rights? Whether it’s a major medical bill or a more minor parking ticket… even if you were in the right, is it easier to just… pay?

Well, Joshua Browder’s answer is Do Not Pay!

He’s built a thriving company of the same name, that helps consumers “fight corporations, beat bureaucracy, and sue anyone at the press of a button.” Through the power of technology, DoNotPay has resolved over 2m cases successfully and in this interview we get to hear where Browder hopes to take the organization, including his first-hand account of his recent plan to bring the robot lawyer into the physical courtroom.

Show Notes

00:00 – Introduction

01:51 – DoNotPay’s origin

03:09 – Surprising laws

05:49 – General counsel for consumers

06:54 – The role of AI and technology

09:26 – Ensuring quality counsel

13:19 – Prioritizing features

14:43 – Corporate pushback

17:11 – Reshaping the legal system

20:28 –  Entering the physical courtroom

24:50 – Cross border possibilities

26:14 – Looping humans into modeling

29:01 – Deflationary impacts

30:05 – Recent pushback

33:13 – Is AI already writing law?

35:15 – Why is law so complex?

37:54 – Entering the Supreme Court

38:38 – Lawyer support

39:47 – Looking forward

43:07 – Building horizontal vs vertical

45:28 – Does this law exist?

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