Posted April 12, 2024

The new AI + a16z podcast captures our thinking on AI across a broad swath of areas, from the infrastructure that powers today’s foundation models to how specific tools, like LLMs, are reshaping the hiring process. Looking forward, you can expect to hear about a list of topics that includes models, cybersecurity, and the emerging stack of tools for building and running generative models.

Listen to and read highlights from the first two episodes here:

Scoping the Enterprise LLM Market (with Naveen Rao, Matt Bornstein, and Derrick Harris)

Making the Most of Open Source AI (with Jim Zemlin, Mitchell Baker, Percy Liang, and Anjney Midha)

More About This Podcast

Artificial intelligence is changing everything from art to enterprise IT, and a16z is watching all of it with a close eye. This podcast features discussions with leading AI engineers, founders, and experts, as well as our general partners, about where the technology and industry are heading.

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