A former developer and anthropology major, a16z General Partner David Ulevitch has watched developers work for years. And he’s noticed something beyond their coding skills, developers don’t work like “us normals.” They are lazy, and that laziness is a feature, not a bug, in how they work. It has made them software power users who know how to collaborate at scale, turn data exhaust into insights, and automate any task they have to do more than once.

As more digital natives enter the workforce, we are entering an era in which we will all work like developers. And this has big implications for both who buys software and how we build it. In this talk from the a16z Innovation Summit, David gives a preview of the future of enterprise software, from fuzzy search to command lines, and explains how it will spur innovation across all parts of the enterprise without needing to learn a line of code.


The developer’s way is a mindset [1:15]
The 4 paradigms of the developer’s way [2:02]
Collaborating at scale with a revision control system [3:03]
Working faster with a command line [3:43]
Using log files for performance improvement [4:53]
Why developers don’t repeat themselves [5:40]
Software examples of the developer’s way [7:39]
An email inbox that’s more efficient [7:42]
A single search tool for all your applications [8:45]
An HR solution that treats the organization as code [9:49]
A sales solution that automates CRM data capture [11:23]
Software that surfaces insights from the organization hive mind [13:09]
What digital natives demand of enterprise software [14:45]

download the devway deck



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