What’s Next for Esports Startups

Andrew Chen, D'Arcy Coolican, Frank Chen, and Bennett Carroccio

Stadiums packed to capacity filled with screaming fans. Global audiences in the hundreds of millions. A multibillion-dollar economy. College scholarships for the top players. Talent agents. Professional teams with dedicated scouts. Beloved celebrities. Doping scandals. Are we talking about professional sports? Well, of a sort. We’re talking esports.

Esports are a global phenomenon with audiences comparable to or larger than those for traditional sports franchises. For example, more people watched last year’s League of Legends finals than watched MLB’s World Series, the NBA Finals or the NHL Finals.

After a16z Deal Analyst Bennett Carroccio walks you through the “up to the right” charts, Frank Chen talks with a16z General Partner Andrew Chen and Deal Partner D’Arcy Coolican about what’s going on: why it’s happening now, how dramatically it’s shaped our culture, how the money flows, what the investing opportunities are, and what they are looking for in startups.

Watch time: 36:20

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