a16z Podcast: Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality, and What’s Next


    Virtual reality (VR) — and augmented reality (AR) — seem to be everywhere these days, showing up in demos and offerings from the world’s biggest gadget makers to the Hollywood, gaming, and media crowds. a16z general partner Chris Dixon (who led our investment in Oculus Rift and recently wrote about VR) is joined by Peter Rubin (entertainment editor at Wired who has long covered VR, AR, and gaming) for a dive into this space.

    What’s the difference between VR and AR? Is one better suited for work vs. play? What’s coming sooner and what still needs to happen to get there? The duo share their thoughts on these questions as well as what happens when you are building experiences — and an entirely new visual grammar — from scratch. Will we actually need standards next?

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