a16z Podcast: Security’s Painful Prominence and Why There is No Turning Back


Cyber attacks are growing in number and impact, and the reason is simple: there’s more of value (and more vectors to) steal in our increasingly virtual world. So how are we to continue to move forward along this connected path as a culture and as businesses? Marc Andreessen tackles that question in this segment of the a16z Podcast — against the backdrop of ever-more sophisticated hackers and hacks, Edward Snowden, and the rise of trillions more devices coming online.

Still, despite the real risk and pain of cyber attacks we won’t go backwards — we have no choice but to move forward, says Andreessen. “The reason we don’t have a choice is there’s too much value in the virtual world.” Smartphones, the internet; pick your favorite device, app, or service… ask yourself what (if anything) you would be willing to give up. Not much, right?