a16z Podcast: Securing Infrastructure and Enterprise Services

    The modern enterprise holds all sorts of applications, devices, and workflow needs. How should we be thinking about securing infrastructure — and identity — in this context, for entities like major news media outlets or financial institutions such as News Corp or NASDAQ?

    Well, this episode of the a16z Podcast brings those voices together: Frederic Kerrest, cofounder and COO of Okta; Brad Peterson, CIO of NASDAQ; and Dominic Shine, CIO of News Corp … in conversation with Ben Horowitz at our recent a16z Summit.

    What’s the big security picture for these types of organizations, and others? How should we prepare? Last year’s DINE DDoS attack was just one glimpse of what’s to come, providing a bit of a barometer read for what’s currently working, and what desperately needs re-engineering. One interesting solution involves decentralization; but as we move towards such technology (like blockchain) in security, what will high-frequency trading look like? How will consumer relationships, transactions, UI/design security be reimagined? What areas and fundamentals should we focus on?

    The enterprise is changing

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