a16z Podcast: Reinventing Food

It’s surprising that how (and what) we eat has actually changed very little over the ages, despite how much we’ve advanced as a species. Now, however — driven by globalization, environmental factors, and other considerations — the way we move, taste, and make our food is moving forward too.

From countering the limits of seasonality and global transport to re-thinking our species’ dependence on meat to optimizing nutrition to distilling the essence of taste, this discussion with Bryan Crowley, President of Soylent; 
Ooshma Garg, founder and CEO of Gobble; 
David Lee, COO and CFO of Impossible Foods
; and James Rogers, cofounder and CEO of Apeel Sciences — and moderated by a16z Partner Kim Milosevich — is all about the future of food… including how we define what “food”really is.