a16z Podcast: To All the Robots I’ve Loved Before

    We already know that we have an innate tendency to anthropomorphize robots. But beyond just projecting human qualities onto them, as we begin to share more and more spaces, social and private, what kind of relationships will we develop with them? And how will those relationships in turn change us?

    In this Valentine’s Day special, Kate Darling, Researcher at MIT Labs, talks with a16z’s Hanne Tidnam all about our emotional relations with robots. From our lighter sides — affection, love, empathy — to our darker sides, what will these new kinds of relationships enhance or de-sensitize in us? Why does it matter that we develop these often intense attachments to these machines that range from tool to companion — and what do these relationships teach us about ourselves, our tendencies and our behaviors? What kinds of models from the past can we look towards to help us navigate the ethics and accountability that come along with these increasingly sophisticated relationships with robots?

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