a16z Podcast: Lessons Learned from Chinese Education Startups

    When people talk about trends in education technology, they often focus on how to disrupt higher education in the U.S., whether it’s about breaking free of the “signaling” factor of elite educations or how to shift education out of its “cottage industry” mindset to achieve greater scale. However, in China, the transformation of education is already well underway, with a fast-growing ecosystem built around lifelong learning. In fact, one of the largest demographic groups paying for education in China is actually not college students — it’s college graduates, aged 26 through 35.

    In this episode — which originally aired as a video on our YouTube channel — a16z general partner Connie Chan talks with operating partner Frank Chen about the lifelong learning ecosystem in China; what it means for startups there; and lessons for entrepreneurs everywhere… or will these techniques even work outside of China?

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