Posted September 12, 2019

We at a16z — and I personally — are excited to partner with Qasar Younis, Peter Ludwig, and the Applied Intuition team to build the first and most advanced software supplier to the global auto and transportation industry. Applied Intuition’s platform makes autonomous vehicles possible, thanks to simulation software that explores all possible risks in a safe and practical way.

Applied Intuition’s new financing comes at an interesting time in the autonomous vehicle industry. We all hear a lot of chatter speculating on the pace of development of autonomous vehicles — is it here, is it near, or is it still far — particularly when it comes to passenger cars. What we are seeing is dramatic advances in the technology stack for autonomy at all levels. In addition, it’s become clear that autonomy will not be confined to a few vehicle form factors like cars and trucks — as important as they are — but also come about in many other shapes, sizes, and functions, of both manned and unmanned machines.

The transportation landscape in a decade is going to be far more sophisticated and varied than today, and autonomy is the key technology advance that makes that possible. I believe Applied Intuition is the key simulation platform for making that technology advance — and for making faster innovation, for every kind of manufacturer, possible.